What is so special about DR!FT?

You will not get an ordinary RC car with DR!FT. You'll get a racing simulation for your smartphone, which sets standards by itself. The DR!FT-Racer themselves are the "output medium" of this driving-simulation and they can reproduce any real driving behavior, calculated by the app with the highest precision. This includes for example realistic acceleration, braking distance, spinns and, of course the most difficult state: controlled drifting. With DR!FT the realistic simulation is taken out of the computer and released in reality. This is completely new, worldwide unique and only possible due to the patented drive concept of the DR!FT-Racer.

Is DR!FT more for beginners or for professionals?

There are different game modes from quite simple for hobby racers to absolutely realistic for professionals. So it is great fun for everybody.

Can I play with friends?

Because the vehicles are linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth-smart, you can also drive with your friends. Anything else would be boring.;)

How many vehicles can be used the same time?

The number of vehicles is basically not limited. Finally, the maximum number will depend on the location and other radio systems like wlan. It should be possible to drive with 10 to 30 cars at the same time. We have not yet been able to test this.

Why does DR!FT cost more than many other RC-cars of similar size?

With DR!FT you will not get an ordinary RC-car. You get a high-quality racing simulation for your smartphone and a DR!FT-Racer, which is, so to speak, the "output" of this app game. We want you to have fun with this high-tech product for a long time. Every DR!FT-Racer is therefore produced here in Germany under high quality requirements. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive customer service and ensure that you have long-lasting pleasure in our products. This also includes the fact that the DR!FT-Racer are fully updateable, so you will have a product up-to-date for a long time.

Where does production take place?

In Germany.


STURMKIND is the company behind DR!FT. She was founded by the originator of DR!FT, Martin Müller, 2016 in Speyer officially.

STURMKIND stands for innovative, high-quality, long-lasting and sustainable products, from start to finish.

The DR!FT-Racer

What is the scale of the DR!FT-Racer?

L: 107mm - W: 46mm - H: 35mm

Which functions can be used to control the DR!FT-Racer?

There is throttle, foot brake, hand brake and steering. There are additional functions such as light, starting and stopping the engine or a launch control.

Will there be different bodies of original vehicles?

Yes, in the future models of different real vehicle types will be available. One of the special features of DR!FT is that the cars will not just look like their role models: they will also accurately reflect their performance, their driving behavior and their sound. Even the wheelbase will despite the small scale, correspond to the respective model. For the beginning we have the vehicles described on the kickstarter side. How fast we can do other vehicles depends, of course on the success of the kickstarter campaign. Hope you understand that we need to go step by step.

Is it possible to tune the DR!FT-Racer?

Yes, virtual and in reality. There are tuning-rims and there will be other mechanical tuning-parts. In addition, tuning and setting possibilities are planned via the app.

What is the difference between the Red Turbo and the Silver V8?

At DR!FT you get models, which have not only the appearance, but also the characteristics of their role model. The current cars has "imaginary" role models. Because these "imaginary" originals has different engines installed, the same applies to the DR!FT-Racer. The models have not only different sound, but also the respective engine characteristics of the six-cylinder turbo engine (RED-Turbo and Kickstarter-Edition) and the V8 (SILVER-V8).

Are spare-parts available?

Yes! Durability is a part of the philosophy of STURMKIND. We want you to have fun with your DR!FT-Racer for a long time! But of course something can be damages. In this case, there are spare parts and a service. Of course you can repair your DR!FT-Racer by yourself with the help of tutorial-videos.

The Racetrack

Which underground is required for DR!FT?

DR!FT can be driven on any smooth surface. On the desk, on a glass plate and even on most wood and tile floors.

Do I need a fixed track for my DR!FT-Racer?

No, thanks to its unique concept, DR!FT can be controlled so precisely and easily that, even without a track control system, exciting races are almost everywhere possible. Of course you can also ride on existing tracks, like slotcar tracks with the DR!FT-Racer. Or you will become a model builder and build your own racetrack!


What game-modes are there?

For the beginning there will be different difficulty levels. From a "fun mode" up to a "pro mode" where you can learn and apply different drifting techniques, just like a real drift car.

Why the DR!FT-Racer can be controlledWhy the DR!FT-Racer can be controlled by smartphone as precise as other RC-cars with a special remote control?

Our app developers have created a very fast Bluetooth transmission. An ordinary Bluetooth connection is significantly slower than the transmission of modern model rc-car controlers. This is one of the reasons for the bad controllability of conventional, smartphone-controlled RC-cars. However, it is much more important that conventional RC-cars do not move scale as their role model. Even RC-cars on the same scale as DR!FT can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 0.1 second! Any questions why the control of such a car requires an extremely fast radio transmission? Right here, DR!FT is different: thanks to a complex driving simulator on your smartphone, the DR!FT-Racer are the first model cars that move like a full size racing car. This also means what is transferred from your smartphone to the DR!FT-Racer is not the steeringwheel- or throttleposition, but the resulting behavior of a real car. In a real car, you also can not turn the steering wheel from one direction to the other in a few milliseconds, and nevertheless precise driving is possible. For this reason, Bluetooth is more than fast enough to provides you an excellent control over your DR!FT Racer.

For which systems is the app available?

The DR!FT-app will first be available for iOS minimum 9 and Android minimum 4.4.

What do I do if I´m afraid of falling from the table?

If you lose control of your Racer, there is an emergency stop function: Turn your smartphone with the display down and your DR!FT-Racer stays instantly. If there is a "crash", the DR!FT-Racer, since the actual drive is under the vehicle, are extremely robust.

What does emergency feature mean?

Because your DR!FT-Racer moves exactly like a real racing car, it has also the same braking distance and it also spins like a big car. If you turn the smartphone display to the ground, the simulation is overridden and the racer stops instantly. Similar to the break button on the computer.

Is the engine sound of the vehicle different and can it be changed via the app?

At DR!FT you get models, which have not only the appearance, but also the characteristics of their role model. The current cars has "imaginary" role models. Because these "imaginary" originals has different engines installed, the same applies to the DR!FT-Racer. The models have not only different sound, but also the respective engine characteristics of the six-cylinder turbo engine (RED-Turbo and Kickstarter-Edition) and the V8 (SILVER-V8).

Does the sound come from the car or from the smartphone?

The sound comes from the simulation. What means from your smartphone.

Is there an option to mute or turn down the volume of the sound?

Of course you can regulate or switch off the sound. However you won't do that often because the high quality sounds makes DR!FT even more emotional.

Why is the sound of the app so important for you?

Our passion is that DR!FT awakens not only through appearance, but also through movement and sound emotions. That is why we are working together with one of the leading game audio studios in Europe, which produces sounds for programs such as Need for Speed, or Project Cars. The sounds for DR!FT are all recorded in a special recording studio on original vehicles. Unfortunately, the final soundfiles are not finished, so we can only present you the prototype at the moment.

The technology

Are there extra batteries needed?

No, the DR!FT-Racer are equipped with a rechargeable built-in lithium-polymer battery. If really necessary, the battery is replaceable.

What is the run time with one charge?

The running time is more than 30 minutes.

How long does charging take?

The complete charging takes about 30 minutes.

Do the vehicles have brushless motors?

No, the DR!FT-Racer are too small for that. They are driven by several high-rotation corless motors.

How fast do the wheels wear?

The wheels, in the form of the mechanical parts on your DR!FT-Racer, do not wear and therefore they do not have to be replaced under normal use. However, DR!FT is supposed to be realistic. Therefor the conditions of the wheels are simulated in your app. The driving behavior changes, like a real car, with increasing tire wear. You can then simply change the tires in your simulation free of charge.

How robust are the DR!FT-Racer in a crash from the table?

The DR!FT-Racer are very robust. Another advantage of this drive concept is its insensitivity. There is no sensitive drive shaft and because of the built-in sensors all overloads are registered immediately and the motor is switched off for safety. To be honest: We have done to date many drop tests. ;) Thus, we can confirm that even the prototypes have survived the crashes well.

How fast can the DR!FT-Racer drive?

In most of our videos, scale speeds of 60-100 km / h are demonstrated. The racers can reach speeds of more than 1.5 m / s, which is far beyond the 200 km / h mark. The top speed depends on how fast the respective car can go in real.

From what material are the DR!FT-Racer produced?

We place the highest quality demands on our production in Germany. The mechanical parts are made of high-quality reinforced polyamide. The DR!FT-Racer are designed for good reason for intensive and long-term use.

Care and Maintenance


How sensitive is DR!FT against dust and pollution?

Dust and above all lint and hair are always a problem with small RC-cars. We have also come up with something special here. The drive unit of the DR!FT-Racer is designed not to collect hairs. If necessary, cleaning is easy and without tools possible. In addition, we are currently working on the feature, where the vehicle electronics detects when cleaning is necessary and this will be displayed to you via the app.

How do I take care for my DR!FT-Racer?

The drive unit of the DR!FT-Racer is designed in such a way that you can free it from dust and hair with few handles.

Will there be spare parts?

Yes, one of the main pillars of our company philosophy is to produce products that offer long-term and sustainable value. And because we produce everything here in Germany, this will be easy to handle. It goes without saying that an extensive supply of spare parts is also part of this. For example, all motors and the built-in battery are equipped with plug-in connectors. This allows them to be exchanged easily in the service at any time. With the help of video repair instructions you can even do it yourself.

If I have technical problems with my DR!FT-Racer, is there anybody I can contact?

In addition to product development, we will set up a service center in Speyer, Germany. You can then contact us at any time. It is our demand to develop products that offer extraordinary gaming-fun. So it is very important to us that these products are capable of intensive and long-term use. Should there ever be a problem, we will take care of it. "Made in Germany" means for us that you always have a contact person and many years of fun with our products.