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DR!FT is the world's first simulation of real driving physics on a 1:43 scale. Your DR!FT-Racer is the result of innovative robotic technology and offers much more than any ordinary RC car.

DR!FT-Racers are miniaturised robots that allow the driving behaviour calculated by the racing simulation to be realised with extreme precision. The robotic is equipped with numerous sensors. This also includes a highly sensitive underbody sensor that reads track information and sends it to the DR!FT app. This allows start and finish lines to be recognised and enables challenging Gymkhana gaming.

The DR!FT-Racer's true-to-life driving repertoire includes acceleration, braking distance, skidding and controlled drifting - the most difficult stunt of all to represent. Over a longer distance (e.g. 10 metres), the DR!FT-Racer accelerates true-to-scale until the maximum speed is reached.

The DR!FT-Racer controls include accelerator, foot brake, handbrake and steering. On top of this, there are additional functions such as lights, starting and stopping the engine as well as launch control.

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Every DR!FT-Racer is based on a prototype. Depending on the model, this is either "imaginary" or a true-to-scale representation of a brand model.


Engines - which differ depending on the respective model - such as six-cylinder turbo, V8 or V12, generate the corresponding sound and ensure a real racing experience. The engine sounds of models with real-life prototypes were all recorded from the original vehicles. Like to hear a sample?

Turbo engine

V8 Engine

V12 Engine

Mercedes 190evo II DTM


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