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Handmade in Germany.


Quality made in Germany at fair prices.

We are often asked why these "small cars" are so expensive - a question that we understand fully. After all, toy cars of this size are available for less money. To begin with, it's important to understand what you're getting for your money - or maybe the other way around: what you're not getting for your money.

With DR!FT, you don't get a run-of-the-mill model car or an ordinary computer game. You don't get a "made in China" product, there's no child labour involved, no raw materials from war zones, no toxic materials or heavy metals, no unnecessary plastic waste packaging and, above all, this is not a product you have to throw away as soon as something breaks.

Instead, you get unique gaming fun; exceptional customer service that allows you to enjoy your racer for a long time; free firmware updates to keep your racer up to date; constantly evolving gaming features; the good feeling that you're providing more than 50 people in Germany with work - and possibly a new passion ;-)

Our products meet the high requirements of the European toy standard. For example, our racetracks are made of material approved for play carpets, e.g. free of plasticisers - because after all, there's no reason why the fun can't start in the playroom!

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