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Fixed track was yesterday. Free racing is today. With DR!FT, you can race and game wherever you find a flat surface that you declare to be your racetrack.


For spontaneous DR!FT enjoyment, your breakfast table can become a racetrack. Skirt coffee cups, cutlery or muesli pack. Give yourself the right kick for the day with five minutes DR!FT in the morning.


Drifting in your office? Following a successful event, convert the meeting table into a racetrack for the entire team. But beware; the football table might have to bow to the competition ;-)


You want more? More distance, more speed, more thrills? Then simply declare your living room a big DR!FT racetrack. Here you have enough space to play the Gymkhana functions to the full. With the exception of long pile carpets, your DR!FT-Racers are happy with any common flooring materials.

Smudo meets DR!FT

Authentic racetracks are a matter of great importance to you? DR!FT offers you two racetracks in 140cm x 270cm format made of 2mm thick natural rubber. They're easy to roll up, easy to transport and can be rolled out on any flat surface. Additionally, you can make your racetrack even more realistic with DR!FT track accessories such as racing curbs, floodlights, containers, track boundaries and bridges.

Accessories shop

The DR!FT community knows no boundaries when it comes to the development and design of extraordinary racetracks. Almost every week the Facebook DR!FT Community presents new and sometimes completely "crazy" racetracks, which have been created somewhere in Europe with much attention to detail. As a member of the DR!FT community, you'll always find new and interesting ideas to inspire your DR!FT passion.

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