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Reale Fahrkunst und virtuelles Spiel in Einem.

Due to the combination of electric drive and combustion engine, the term "HYBRID" has recently become very popular. Whenever two different or opposing factors are combined in one system, it's referred to as a hybrid solution. You know the one. You know the other. But both in one? Whenever we're confronted for the first time with the fusion of two technologies, our brain - programmed by experience - promptly comes up with the question: "How's that supposed to work?"

DR!FT HYBRID GAMING technology also connects two worlds. It all began in 2003 with a vision - to finally be able to experience gripping motorsport everywhere and at all times. Today, DR!FT combines the potential of a highly complex racing simulation with a real racing game system in a completely new and unique way.

The resulting hybrid of mobile game and real robot vehicles was first met with some astonishment by both the gaming scene and the traditional games market. Very quickly, however, initial amazement turned into true admiration. The enormously large and continuously growing fan community is the best proof that something fascinatingly new has emerged that captures people's interest. Winning the coveted German Developer Award 2018 in the "Innovation" category also showed us that we're on the right track - pardon me, on the right racetrack.

We have succeeded in uniting two previously separate worlds in one fascinating application: HYBRID GAMING. This fusion of virtual and real games, unique in the dynamically growing gaming market, opens up a completely new game world for players. Whatever your goal - be it learning different drift techniques in real racing with your DR!FT-Racers, combing virtual gaming with the DR!FT app, or interacting with like-minded people - DR!FT HYBRID GAMING opens up a whole new dimension of play.

The haptic and physical experience of track independent racing with the 1:43 scale DR!FT-Racers will amaze you with realistic driving physics, true-to-scale acceleration, drifting and braking. Precise control is complemented by the various gaming functions of the simulation app, such as High Scores, Tuning and Gymkhana Racing, as well as the appropriate engine sound and much more.

DR!FT HYBRID GAMING thus combines the best of both worlds: real, tangible vehicle technology that can be experienced with all your senses, combined with the fascination of virtual gaming.

We are particularly proud of our DR!FT community, which is not only growing in number, but is also developing more and more exciting activities, such as our own high-end tuning, creative racer conversions, designing challenging racetracks, organising DR!FT competitions, community meetings and much more. When you buy a DR!FT-Racer you don't just buy a product but open up a completely new, fascinating and thrilling world in which boredom is a foreign concept.

Martin and Stephanie Müller
DR!FT inventor and managing director of Sturmkind GmbH

DR!FT HYBRID GAMING vereint somit das Beste aus zwei Welten: die reale, anfassbare und mit allen Sinnen erlebbare Fahrzeugtechnik kombiniert mit der Faszination des virtuellen Gamings.

Besonders stolz sind wir auf unsere DR!FT Community, die nicht nur zahlenmäßig wächst, sondern mehr und mehr begeisternde Aktivitäten entfaltet, wie z.B. eigenes Highend Tuning, kreative Racer-Umbauten, Design von herausfordernden Race-Strecken, Organisation von DR!FT-Wettbewerben, Community-Treffen und vieles mehr.

Mit dem Kauf eines DR!FT-Racers erwirbst Du eben nicht nur ein Produkt, sondern erschließt Dir eine völlig neue, faszinierende und mitreißende Welt, in der Langeweile immer ein Fremdwort bleiben wird.

Martin und Stephanie Müller
DR!FT Erfinder und Geschäftsleitung der Sturmkind GmbH

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