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The DR!FT-Racer at Abenteuer Leben


The DR!FT-Racer at Abenteuer Leben

On Sunday, November 22, a report was broadcast on the program Abenteuer Leben on Kabel1 about the product DR!FT, a cross between virtual gaming and real miniature racing cars (hybrid gaming). The innovative company STURMKIND is now four years old and has already been seen on television several times, including in "The Thing of the Year" on ProSieben, where Martin Müller reached the finals with his invention DR!FT. In the meantime, a lot has happened and DR!FT has grown into a brand that is not only known in the gaming but also in the racing and model building scene. In the program, the technology and realistic driving behavior are explained in detail. In addition, the rapidly growing DR!FT scene is also shown. Meanwhile, the community meets regularly throughout Germany to drive and drift.

If you missed the show, you are welcome to watch it in Kabel1's media library. Here you can watch the video:

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