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Mercedes 190E 2,5-16 Evo II Diebels-Zakspeed


Mercedes 190E 2,5-16 Evo II Diebels-Zakspeed

We are proud to present the Evo II in Diebels-Zakspeed design, another limited touring car icon. You can be sure (we already hinted at it) that this one should not have come alone. But unfortunately the problems do not leave our partner Minichamps. Even with all the efforts, we were informed last week that the parts for the second car, the M3 in the legendary Armin Hahne - Jägermeister design, were damaged during the last step of the production process, the application of the clear coat.

The Jägermeister M3 should have arrived last week. After a 100% quality check the parts would have gone to our production and we would have loved to present you both models today. Enclosed are some pictures of the damaged Jägermeister bodies. Minichamps is currently checking if there is still something to be salvaged. If not, a new production has to be done. Which means that we will probably not be able to offer this model until February/March 2021.

Due to the problems with the clear coat the completion of the re-produced Warsteiner M3 is delayed. At least, contrary to initial fears, these are not also affected.
All those who have been waiting for their E30 M3 DTM until today will hopefully be rewarded for their patience soon.

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