Worlds first racing simulation -

right on your desk!

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DR!FT – Simulated reality on your desk!

"We have moved a racing simulation closer to reality."

With your DR!FT-Racer you can experience race-feeling anywhere in the world: In your living room, your office, or even in a restaurant. Enjoy thrilling races with your friends!

 The DR!FT-Racer - An overview

Prototypical driving behaviour

Realistic accelaration, braking, and drifting

Race simulation

The complex driving simulation computes a realistic driving behaviour.

Real race sound

Authentic engine sound, realistic braking and gear shifting sounds

Direct proportional steering

With steering, accelerator, brake and hand brake

Realistic lights

Equipped with drive and brake lights


Modern robotic technology gives the DR!FT-Racer a realistic driving appearance.

No controller needed

Steer your DR!FT-Racer anytime and anywhere with your smartphone! The DR!FT-App combines controller and complete racing game. Compatible with Android and iOS.

No track needed

DR!FT works on most level surfaces. Create your own racetrack using everyday appliances.

Free updates

Always up-to-date: Wireless updates for future features!

Battery run- and charging-time

30 min driving time / charging 30 min via micro-USB (cable included)
Built in LiPo battery: 3,7V / 150mAh = 0,555 Wh


Size: 1:43
Speed: 1:43
Sound: 1:1

Highspeed Bluetooth

Transmission with Bluetooth Smart: Based on the steering input the car’s movement is calculated, which then gets transmitted to the DR!FT-Racer. Simultaneously the DR!FT-Racer sends the internal sensor’s signals to the app for analysis.

Emergency Feature

Turn the display downwards and the Racer stops immediately! For a safe training.

Vibration Feedback

Signalling maximum steering angle and understeering. For an immediate driving experience.


The DR!FT-Racer can identify information on the track, like the start and finishing line for example. This makes lap timing possible.

Handmade in Germany

The DR!FT-Racer is built in Germany. His FSC-certified packaging comes from Germany as well.

Sturmkind – Backstage

Martin Müller, founder of Sturmkind, had in 2003 a vision of finally hosting real car races in the living room. Races with action-packed overtaking manoeuvres. The idea matured: The initial dream was soon supplemented by a passion for realism and so in 2015 DR!FT came into existence: A small car, not bound to any particular race track, which moves exactly like the big model. Martin was able to get many people excited about his vision, among them 1282 Kickstarter backers! In 2016 the Sturmkind GmbH was founded in Speyer and by now nine men and women are working there.


Learn more about the background and the philosophy of sturmkind!