„We have moved racing simulation closer to reality.”

DR!FT is the world’s first model car that performs with the same driving dynamics as a real race car. Until now miniature model cars behave in a non-realistic way and can be difficult to control, but DR!FT simulates the complete physics of a real race car.

The DR!FT-Racer accelerates and handles 100% like the real thing – on the kitchen table, living room floor, in the office or on your self built racetrack.

DR!FT works on any smooth surface and does not require a special race track. A simple office table is all it takes for exciting racing action for one, two or more DR!FT-Racers.


DR!FT is pure motor sports in miniature format and can be played anywhere in the world.

„DR!FT is not just a toy: DR!FT defines a completely new category of gaming.“

We have developed a model car with a unique drive concept (patent pending) which allows the simulation of understeer, oversteer or drifts, without actually losing contact to the surface.