About DR!FT


  „We have moved racing simulation closer to reality.”


DR!FT is the world’s first model car that performs with the same driving dynamics as a real race car. Until now miniature model cars behave in a non-realistic way and can be difficult to control, but DR!FT simulates the complete physics of a real race car.



The DR!FT-Racer accelerates and handles 100% like the real thing – on the kitchen table, living room floor, in the office or on your self built racetrack.


DR!FT Technik


DR!FT works on any smooth surface and does not require a special race track. A simple office table is all it takes for exciting racing action for one, two or more DR!FT-Racers.


DR!FT is pure motor sports in miniature format and can be played anywhere in the world.



DR!FT Racer


Create exciting race tracks using ordinary household or office items. Controlled by your smartphone, DR!FT drives, spins and drifts like a real race car on your desk, on your living room floor or any other suitable surface.



  „DR!FT is not just a toy: DR!FT defines a completely new category of gaming.“



We have developed a model car with a unique drive concept (patent pending) which allows the simulation of understeer, oversteer or drifts, without actually losing contact to the surface.



  Intelligent Sensor Technology – provides exciting features and is ready for updates


The DR!FT-Racers is equipped with a complex Sensor Technology which can be updated as required.


Apart from the actual smartphone-app, this allows the interaction with the community and the implementation of new features, for example: an intelligent underbody sensor which scans the ground for different surface conditions, i.e. a start/finish line for precise lap times, track limits and more.


It may even become possible to race against each other virtually from any part in the world.


With the support and the feedback of the Kickstarter community we would like to offer this technology right from day one, when DR!FT launches onto the market.